Mobile Apps Web Design or Phone Calls

web design and mobile apps make a difference for this business

Mobile Apps

We saw how Starbucks improved their sales with their mobile app but now this Sarasota mobile apps developer chimes in with another success story – this time from Dominos Pizza – U.K.  Dominos Pizza Sales are up a huge 19% and they are crediting part of this increase to their mobile apps.

Do Mobile Apps make a difference?

Well, Dominos Pizza says their sales from phone calls have continued to fall!  Imagine that – Sometimes your customers just don’t want to hassle with talking with you!

But there is more – a ginormous 77% of their orders are placed through mobile phones or computers – up  35% on the same period a year (2014) ago.  So what do you do?  Make sure you get a good website builder to design a great easy to use web site AND also get a mobile app development company to build you  extraordinary mobile apps.

mobile apps remembering business user name

Mobile Apps and Online Orders equals 214 million pounds ($274 million)

Dominos is an example of a company changing the way they do business to keep aligned with the way their customer behavior is changing.  This is critical.  Don’t be a Maceys or Kmart – two companies that were pioneers in their field  but forgot to keep up with how customers changed their behavior.  Talk to your website builder and your mobile app development company about how to get your products and service in front of the right consumer.  Maceys and Kmart did not and now they are on the brink.

Not Dominos though.    Install their Mobile App and you will see why.  Their app is absolutely awesome. Their mobile app development company incorporated great voice recognition allowing you to use your voice to complete part of your order.  Their web design is also excellent!

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