Marketing for Customers

When it comes to marketing for customers, many business owners look to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. What I find is missing for most owners, however, is clarity into exactly how effective or ineffective their social media actions are. In other words, exactly how useful for YOUR business is your Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Google Plus activities? When you have clarity on your level of effectiveness, it becomes easier to ditch your efforts on a platform or put more effort into your efforts. You can choose which social media platform to focus on and you will know what your ROI is on your efforts.

You can gain this clarity by adding some code to your web site.  With this code, you will see if your Facebook efforts are yielding your desired outcome.  For example, if you find that your Facebook account results in people requesting more information about your offerings (this is called a “Conversion” where a visitor converts to someone taking an action in your favor) and if you now know how often that happens, you can make effective decisions on the time you spend on Facebook posts.

This code can give you a visual of your customer conversions from Facebook or Twitter or other social media.