• The Kitchen Journey
  • Tomorrow...

    Well, got some stuff done, possible small sale to Calvin. Keith invited me to his new venture. Did not hear back from yes group. Reached out to her on face book. Did get all changes for Jill site to Sam.



    Telling myself tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow...

    Need to hit it hard tomorrow. Get all the billable work done so i can launch Kitchen!!!

  • Intentions

    Feeling tired.  Maybe its this change in direction (again!).  Planned to get all kinds of things done but only got a few.  Doctors appointment – eye exam – looking for glasses

    Helping business owners see their way to more profits

    Eye Glasses


    Anyway, got second wind back at Starbucks after coffee and a walmart cookie.  Feel energized.  Get the billable work done so I can get DISC ramped up!

  • Great call with team!

    Had a zoom call with Dave and team.  Joe is doing awesome.  Has a tentative date already.  Went thru the check list.  Need to set a date. I think i can do it in 30 days.  But need to get my billable work done this week asap and then I am thinking to hit scheduling a meeting hard.

    Yesterday Gabrielle thought it might be wanted at her work and also idea came up to do it in a family setting with my family.

    Onwards (but keep eye on billable work)!

  • Great meeting with Dave

    Dave said you have been given a gift and it would be simple to make some calls and set up a 30 min free session with a group.


  • Disc Training

    Thought it would be another hum drum personality quiz. Had my laptop ready to do work.  But – no – from the start for the next 2 days, don’t blink – might miss something.  Was amazing!  The graphs, personality blends, basic vs. environmental – wow!

    Best DISC Trainer


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