Forbes Weighs in on Mobile First

Sarasota App Developer sees Apps and mobile devices as better for marketing

Break down of the impact on your business

Since Mobilegeddon, Google has been distinct in how it relates to the mobile version of your business site.  And with good reason – more people (probably you who is reading this) are using their mobile devices more then their computers to sift through information, make decisions on where to spend their money and time.   In the 2013 QA Summit, this slide was presented showing where consumers mobile use passes their desktop use.

Jayson DeMers (Forbes article author) feels that businesses that take the effort to cater to mobile consumers will benefit from Googles strategy.  As a Sarasota App Developer and a Web Site Designer, I agree with Jayson.  If you take the time and effort to make more pleasant for consumers to interact with you on their mobile device, then you will overtake your competitors who do not.  This means larger fonts, better spacing, easier call to action as well as making sure your business is correctly represented on Google’s My Business Listing.   Jayson’s complete article is here